Vice-Chancellors: are their salaries and perks justified?

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Students, universities, staff, PR… Who runs it all? When it comes to the hierarchy in universities today, generally the highest one could ever achieve is the role of the Vice-Chancellor.  Often considered to be at (or very near) the height of education, vice-chancellors boast extensive CVs that often stretch back several decades. For example, Andrew... Read more »

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Get stuck into Fresher’s Week with our guide to surviving your opening week!

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Recently I’ve posted some practical articles for university students about budgeting, lifestyle, exams, assignments and even touched on that awful thing called plagiarism.  All very practical and helpful. In keeping with my love for you uni students out there, I think it might be time for me to break my silence on where it all... Read more »

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University sport is excellent – we just need to get it out there for all to see!

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What image do you get in your head when I use the phrase “US College Sports”? I get grand images of packed 70,000+ seater stadiums across the country, College Football, marching bands, the dashing 20 year old Quarterback staging the late comeback, roaring crowds, mass hype and hysteria and television rights that run into the... Read more »

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Custom-written essay services are plagiarism: Don’t risk being caught!

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(The prices/offers of Custom-Written Essay Services detailed in this article are for informational purposes only.  I do not condone or recommend the use of such offers and accept no responsibility for those who choose to.) Students are put under a fair bit of pressure, it’s reasonable to say. Essays, exams, reports, lab write-ups, dissertations, theses,... Read more »

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