Study skills: Getting to grips with Critical Thinking

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  The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think – Albert Einstein Critical thinking is arguably one of the most important modes of thought you will develop through higher education. It enables you to analyse, critique, retain, and most importantly, be reflexive about what you learn.... Read more »

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Are Exams the Best Way to Test Students?

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In the UK and across the world, exams are the main mode of assessment for students and children. Schools in England begin to assess their pupils through exams from the age of 7 in the form of Key Stage 1 SATs. Standardised tests have become the normalised method to determine academic ability within our education system, but — are exams really the optimum... Read more »

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10 Ways to Cope With Anxiety During the Exam Period

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While providing us with a wealth of knowledge and important qualifications that’ll hopefully catapult us into the careers of our choice, the education system can also be a source of deep stress and mental anguish. Coursework deadlines, hard-to-grasp course material, stacks of reading and looming exams can contribute to anxiety, depression and other forms of... Read more »

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7 Tips For the Dreaded Easter Revision Period

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It has begun. The holiday many of us love (because of the Easter chocolate), but dread (because of the looming exam period) the most. A time when, school or university, we are forced to undertake consecutive late-night, long-hour, headache-inducing, all-day exam revision. We force ourselves to stay up till midnight each night, pouring over revision notes, heavy... Read more »

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UCAS opening its doors to the EU

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When it comes to applying to university and choosing your path through higher education, I wouldn’t exactly say you were short of places to go and things to study. UCAS, it would seem, has other ideas. In a move that’s sure to shake up the system for prospective students, the application service is going to... Read more »

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