UCAS opening its doors to the EU

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When it comes to applying to university and choosing your path through higher education, I wouldn’t exactly say you were short of places to go and things to study. UCAS, it would seem, has other ideas. In a move that’s sure to shake up the system for prospective students, the application service is going to... Read more »

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The gender gap for university students

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We hear a lot about the gender gap in society. How, for example, women are still underpaid in comparison to men; how women can still be under-represented in senior jobs or important public roles, such as Members of Parliament. Hear the expression ‘gender gap’, and one assumes it’s women who are coming off worst. However,... Read more »

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How to write a good CV

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Having a well-written Curriculum Vitae (CV) can be very important throughout your life. While at school, it will help you in your applications for part-time work and membership organisations; when applying for university places it will help you to hone your skills and experience; when applying for employment it is almost always an absolute ‘must’.... Read more »

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Nervous about starting university?

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If you’re currently in your final year of A Levels or you’re on a gap year, after completing them, you may be in the process of applying for university. Most likely, due to being busy studying hard, travelling or working the reality that this September you will be starting your first year of uni may... Read more »

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