Are Exams the Best Way to Test Students?

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In the UK and across the world, exams are the main mode of assessment for students and children. Schools in England begin to assess their pupils through exams from the age of 7 in the form of Key Stage 1 SATs. Standardised tests have become the normalised method to determine academic ability within our education system, but — are exams really the optimum... Read more »

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Student house decorating on a budget

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Students, are you planning on doing a spring clean out and switching up your room? Or perhaps you’ll be moving in to a new student house in September and you’re wondering how you will go about making it a home? Whatever your situation is, it’s always a fun and positive activity to improve your living... Read more »

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Snobbery at University – what’s it all about?

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From personal experience, I can verify that university culture is rife with various kinds of elitism. Students get snobby about subjects, grades, social backgrounds, university league tables and more. STEM students mock humanities and arts students, Russell group university goers laugh at less prestigious universities and privately educated students look down on those who were... Read more »

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Are arts subjects losing out?

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Recent years have seen huge emphasis on the importance of STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – in schools and universities. Quite right too. A positive future for the UK economy is bound up with the need to foster technological innovation and technical skills. It is also vital that the education system tap... Read more »

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