Brain Training: an effective way to improve your memory

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Whether a big exam is looming ahead or you need to improve your memory to keep abreast of a large body of information, brain training is a unique way to maximise your chances of success. Brain training involves the use of games or activities targeted at exercising a brain-based capacity which is useful to real-life situations and outcomes. Different... Read more »

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12 tips for improving your speed reading

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Whether you are studying for your A Levels or for University exams, chances are, you have a considerable amount of information to comprehend, process and memorise. You will be much more effective in your learning if you can read and assimilate information quickly. So, the purpose of this blog post is to provide information about speed... Read more »

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The ‘Tips for Tutors’ series

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We have been blogging advice for tutors for a while now – our ‘Tips for Tutors’ series. We are pleased to say that these have received a good response from tutors. Just in case you missed any, you can find them at: How to ensure that the first lesson goes really well Structuring your lessons... Read more »

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