Six signs that your child might require a tutor

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Parents want the best for their children, but there are times when most children encounter problems at School. The reasons vary but often include: not getting on with their teacher, classroom disruption and being away through sickness. The problem is once they start to fall behind, catching up becomes increasingly difficult. When I was at School, I... Read more »

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Top tips for tutors: Praising students

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It’s only natural. You are there as tutor to focus on helping a student get to grips with a difficult subject or topic.  You are so focused on this that you forget the importance of praise. Praising students in a sincere and meaningful way can provide the extra push students need to do their very best. It can also show... Read more »

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Tips for tutors: best practice online tutoring techniques

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Tutoring can be challenging, particularly for those without extensive teaching experience. Online tutoring poses it’s own problems, when you are separated by distance from the student. But there are tutoring techniques that are proven to work, and have been been recommended by academics who have studied best practice in online tutoring. We think that this research is... Read more »

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Benefits of online tutoring: what the research says

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What makes online tutoring effective? What are its benefits? To date there has been plenty of anecdotal feedback that it works, there is limited academic research completed on the subject, which is why I was interested to see a paper called Best Practices in Online Tutoring by Cherie Mazer.  The American researcher used data provided by a US-based... Read more »

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