7 tips to promote self-directed learning

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With the use of the Internet for learning, whether that’s through school work or home educating, much of a youngster’s education is moving towards being self-initiated. Even schools are losing the idea of ‘talk and chalk’ as it was once referred to, when teachers stood at the front of a class and ‘delivered’ a lesson.... Read more »

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What’s involved in RSE?

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Many of the more personal aspects of learning and growing, once expected of parents to teach their children naturally from family life like sex education for example, are now taught through schooling and RSE is another which is being revised. RSE stands for Relationships and Sex Education and is expected to become statutory in all... Read more »

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Are you happy with SATs testing?

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It’s the time of year when many children and parents are involved with the SATs tests. These are the Standard Assessment Tests which are supposed to indicate a child’s educational progress at various stages of their school life; the end of years 2, 6 and 9. But each year there has been an increase in... Read more »

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Tutors Beware: Miss Comfort Ndiany

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From time to time, spammers use tutoring websites to contact tutors. When this happens we always publish their details, so that their information gets picked up by search engines such as Google, and suspicious tutors don’t not fall into the trap of contacting them. Today, we received the following message from a user called Comfort:... Read more »

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