Brain Training: an effective way to improve your memory

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Whether a big exam is looming ahead or you need to improve your memory to keep abreast of a large body of information, brain training is a unique way to maximise your chances of success. Brain training involves the use of games or activities targeted at exercising a brain-based capacity which is useful to real-life situations and outcomes. Different... Read more »

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10 Things to Look for in a Home Tutor

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Whether you are a parent seeking to help your child improve their marks, or you’re an adult student wishing to stand out at college or university, a home tutor is one of the convenient ways there is to achieve your goals. You will probably find that there are lots of home tutors available, so how do you... Read more »

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Tips for tutors: 12 teaching strategies for more effective tutoring

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Finding the best way to connect with a student is a skill.  The purpose of this blog post is to provide tutors with information on the various teaching strategies available, and provide some practical advice. Make learning relevant: For many students, subjects such as calculus, physics or even literature have little connection to their lives.... Read more »

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Tips for tutors: helping a reluctant student

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Tutoring isn’t always straightforward. When a student is unhappy, you need to get to the root of what is making them unhappy or disillusioned, if you are to work with them through a problem and make progress. Academic success or failure is dependent on so many considerations, some of which arise from the students themselves,... Read more »

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