University inspection system changing?

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Did you know that universities up and down the nation are responsible for setting their own standards?  I know, it surprised me too. At the moment, with the present fees of £9,000 per year, it’s hardly surprising that students are considered consumers – almost to the degree (pardon the pun) where their consumer nature outweighs... Read more »

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Improving classroom behaviour: a practical guide

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Teaching can be tough, particularly when you have an unruly class to work with. Every child comes from a uniquely different background. Getting children to conform with classroom behaviour norms can be challenging, if their patterns are already firmly entrenched, and where they have issues such as respecting limits and personal space, or responding to conflict. It is therefore... Read more »

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Six signs that your child might require a tutor

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Parents want the best for their children, but there are times when most children encounter problems at School. The reasons vary but often include: not getting on with their teacher, classroom disruption and being away through sickness. The problem is once they start to fall behind, catching up becomes increasingly difficult. When I was at School, I... Read more »

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