A* with distinction

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“Exams are easier today than they were when I was younger”, we have all heard it. If enough people say it, that makes it true – right? As a father of a teenage boy mid-way through his GCSE’s I can tell you that he is working much harder than I did when I was at... Read more »

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Social Learning

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As parents and educators, we at Tutorhub we understand that kids learn in different ways, and that if they don’t understand their subjects in class then there is a good chance that they will struggle when it comes to homework and revision. Our one size fits all approach to education, is a cost effective way of... Read more »

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So what is Tutorhub about?

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The purpose of this blog is let you know about things that interest us, and tell you a bit about Tutorhub along the way. I have been racking my brain to find different ways of telling people about the things that we care about. Today, I came across Darcy Moore’s website which uses popular Wordle word clouds.... Read more »

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Proof positive that online learning works

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It would only be natural to question whether learning online is more effective than traditional face to face learning. Well, a major study published by the U.S. Department of Education has proven that students in online classes perform better, on average, than those receiving only face-to-face tuition. The study also found that a hybrid approach combining... Read more »

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