Turning the tables

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Last week I added a new string to my tutoring bow. I completed training in a collection of software packages aimed at helping higher education students with disabilities, mainly dyslexia, in their studies. It’s been quite an eye-opening experience as I have returned to the role of the student and have been given many handy... Read more »

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Do they know it’s Christmas? Well if they are the parents of school age children they flipping do.

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The first window of the advent calendar has barely been opened and I’m already feeling that my festive spirit is somewhat jaded. You see, from mid November it starts. At first it just looks like anticipation of lots of fun-packed seasonal spectaculars – parties, pantos and the like. However, a couple of weeks in, and... Read more »

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Booking a session with an online tutor

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We have been talking to lots of parents and students to discover what we can do to make Tutorhub more useful and fit in with busy family life. They told us that on-demand tutoring, which is available by the Question & Answers on the website, was great but they also wanted to arrange sessions in... Read more »

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