How much do ‘Lost Words’ matter?

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Our culture changes terrifically fast. Even more so since the advent of the Internet and the smart phone which influences the way we use it. Both give us new and ready access to information, media, gaming and communicating. Along with any new cultural shift comes new language to reference it. Kids ten years ago wouldn’t... Read more »

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Using education technology to build confidence with science

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Whether it’s helping with school homework, or home educating, or just in family discussions parents can often lack confidence with the subject of science. It’s also generally felt among parents and educators that science is perhaps not as important as Maths or English, for example. However, science underpins everything we do, everything we need to... Read more »

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How useful are the Times Tables?

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The return to school this week goes hand in hand with new government plans for every child to know their Times Tables, up to twelve times, before they leave primary school at the age of eleven. The children will be given on-screen tests this summer – or checks as the government likes to call them... Read more »

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GCSE Mathematics: lifting the lid on exam entries and performance

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GCSE Mathematics is a compulsory subject in all schools, and as a result no less than 760,000 students were receiving their GCSE results in August 2013. Passing this particular exam is so fundamental to finding employment, or entering further or higher education courses later on, that many students will re-sit the exam within each academic... Read more »

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Welsh tutors and Welsh tuition

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  Thinking about learning Welsh, or having to take it at School? Tutorhub has online tutors that will be able to help you get to grips with what can be a challenging subject from the comfort of your own home. So let’s lift the lid on the Welsh language and take a look at it’s place... Read more »

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