How the PREVENT Scheme and CTS Bill will affect your children

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I recently wrote an article for Media Diversified on the ‘Counter-Extremism’ questionnaire that is being widely circulated on social media. The questionnaire was given to children of Buxton Primary School in East London, but has also been trialled by other schools in the area. The questionnaire was revealed to be part of a project named ‘BRIT’ (Building Resilience... Read more »

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Are Exams the Best Way to Test Students?

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In the UK and across the world, exams are the main mode of assessment for students and children. Schools in England begin to assess their pupils through exams from the age of 7 in the form of Key Stage 1 SATs. Standardised tests have become the normalised method to determine academic ability within our education system, but — are exams really the optimum... Read more »

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The Royal College of Teaching: news in the making

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There is often justification for teachers’ complaints about the levels of government intrusion into their professional lives. They argue that time spent filling in forms and ticking boxes could be put to better use in the development of effective lesson plans and teacher training courses. However, the Government is now seeking to reduce the bureaucratic... Read more »

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The issue of gender in primary school teaching

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A very distinct and concerning pattern emerges when looking through the staff lists of local primary schools. The gender balance is heavily skewed in favour of women. The seriousness of the issue has been highlighted by a recent report showing that 3,680 UK primary schools don’t have any male teachers. What are the reasons behind... Read more »

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