Social Learning

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As parents and educators, we at Tutorhub we understand that kids learn in different ways, and that if they don’t understand their subjects in class then there is a good chance that they will struggle when it comes to homework and revision. Our one size fits all approach to education, is a cost effective way of... Read more »

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Exam day tips

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To say that exams are stressful is an understatement – the horror can stay with us for the rest of our lives. We calculate that there are over 6.5m GCSE and A level exams taken every year, this adds up to a whole lot of pain. So you’ve done as much revision as you meaningfully... Read more »

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The secret of exam success

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I don’t know about you, learning doesn’t always come easy to me. I recall taking my mock GCSE exams and staring at my revision, wondering why some kids do really well seemingly without trying, whereas for me it was a battle. There is a great debate about nature versus nurture. Is academic success due to... Read more »

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Easter holidays and exam terror

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There was a time when Easter holidays meant lounging around the house and sleeping in. For thousands of teenagers, the fun ends when you start the short run-in to your GCSE and A level exams. Continuous assessment means that you will have taken a number of exams already, but no matter how much revision you... Read more »

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