My perfect teacher in ten traits

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I think that most of us hold a particular teacher from our childhood in cherished memory; that special person who ignited fires of inspiration and instilled within us a thirst for learning. There are loads of good teachers out there, but in my experience the special ones are few and far between. Do you remember... Read more »

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Top Ten Excuses: Bad School Report

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Few things in life are more scary than the trip back from school knowing you’re packing an explosive school report hot enough to have you grounded until the next millennium. If you’re unlucky enough to have the report sent directly to your home you may not even get the chance to have a sneaky peek... Read more »

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Latin at primary school – bring it on

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Education Undersecretary Elizabeth Truss has just announced that all seven-year-olds in England will learn a foreign language – possibly Latin or ancient Greek. As a harassed parent who has to coax her 13-year-old son into doing his much-hated French homework, I can only cheer. It has long struck me that we go about teaching our children... Read more »

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