Will robots replace teachers?

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With the development of Artificial Intelligence (or AI) the question has been raised as to whether robots could eventually replace our teachers and tutors. As a simple explanation, AI is a form of technology that has been computed to respond in alarmingly human-like ways to environmental stimuli. We’ve probably all seen the clips of figure-like... Read more »

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Are you happy with SATs testing?

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It’s the time of year when many children and parents are involved with the SATs tests. These are the Standard Assessment Tests which are supposed to indicate a child’s educational progress at various stages of their school life; the end of years 2, 6 and 9. But each year there has been an increase in... Read more »

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Inspiration from an award winning teacher

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Teachers and schools are often the target of much criticism. So it’s a welcome change to read something positive like the report recently about the winner of the Global Teacher Prize. There will be many quiet and unrewarded teachers who work hard under very difficult conditions encouraging children to learn successfully. Particularly as they must... Read more »

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Playing for Independence

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Parents are generally very keen to encourage their child to take up activities like a new club, a new sport, or learn an instrument perhaps, alongside their education. Many parents like their child’s diary to be full and busy with the range of activities on offer. It helps keep them occupied. It helps dilute the... Read more »

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