7 tips to promote self-directed learning

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With the use of the Internet for learning, whether that’s through school work or home educating, much of a youngster’s education is moving towards being self-initiated. Even schools are losing the idea of ‘talk and chalk’ as it was once referred to, when teachers stood at the front of a class and ‘delivered’ a lesson.... Read more »

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Should schools be relying on volunteers?

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There has been some rather alarming news recently about increases in the number of volunteers being taken on in schools, some being used for key roles that would normally be filled by a paid professional. Many schools, especially smaller schools with extremely tight budgets, have always relied on the contribution made by volunteers, usually parents,... Read more »

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More reasons for ‘dirty’ activities!

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As new findings come to light there is even more reason to get the children outside for play and learning. We are bombarded with advertisements about cleanliness. Adverts which prey on our sensitivities about being good parents and emotionally blackmail us into feeling that we are less of a parent should we fail to micro-sterile... Read more »

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