Informality in the classroom – Is it a good or bad thing?

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I was talking to my friend’s little sister this morning, aged 17, about her experience in her current sixth form on the Isle of Wight. Above other things, what specifically stood out about her conversation, was her annoyance at her sixth form teachers who were becoming increasingly informal with their pupils. Sixth form differs slightly... Read more »

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Deciphering the world of Online Learning

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It’s quite clear to me, and anyone else who’s interested in education, that in recent times we’ve witnessed a boom in the trend of online education and homework help. Every day more people, parents and pupils, log on to search for the extra help they need, but to be honest deciphering the different options isn’t... Read more »

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Tutorhub: Making online learning safe

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How do I know that online tutoring on Tutorhub is safe and secure? We have all heard about the dangers of our kids chatting and surfing on the internet. Tutorhub was designed with child safety best practice firmly in mind. But specifically just what is it that sets us apart? – Unlike other online tutoring... Read more »

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