How the PREVENT Scheme and CTS Bill will affect your children

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I recently wrote an article for Media Diversified on the ‘Counter-Extremism’ questionnaire that is being widely circulated on social media. The questionnaire was given to children of Buxton Primary School in East London, but has also been trialled by other schools in the area. The questionnaire was revealed to be part of a project named ‘BRIT’ (Building Resilience... Read more »

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What Does The New Tory Government Mean For Us?

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The new conservative government will preside over us for the next five years, bringing new laws into practice, while scrapping other (important) ones in the process. Britain, now fully in the hands of the Tories (besides Scotland who, thankfully have an SNP majority), will change drastically, and while a handful of us have the privilege of remaining relatively... Read more »

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10 Ways to Cope With Anxiety During the Exam Period

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While providing us with a wealth of knowledge and important qualifications that’ll hopefully catapult us into the careers of our choice, the education system can also be a source of deep stress and mental anguish. Coursework deadlines, hard-to-grasp course material, stacks of reading and looming exams can contribute to anxiety, depression and other forms of... Read more »

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Birmingham schools investigation draws to a close – but what’s happened?

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It would appear that the initial case that we’ve all been following here at Tutorhub is drawing to a close.  For now, at least. The Trojan Horse case, as it’s being known, as gripped educational analysts and commentators for the last few months now, as the Department for Education investigates claims of religious takeovers and... Read more »

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Internet safety: The 4th “R”

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Education used to focus on honing skills in reading, writing and arithmetic (the “three Rs”) but these days, a fourth crucial skill is proving to be a source of worry for parents across the globe: internet safety. Latest research indicates that 91 per cent of children aged five to fifteen have access to Internet in... Read more »

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