The different forms of plagiarism to avoid when writing an essay

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Let’s face it, essay writing can be a rather dull and uninteresting process.  All of that research and writing, quoting, referencing, editing and the inevitable stresses that come with it.  To quote one of my friends on the subject ‘if you’re not tearing your hair out over your essays, something is probably going wrong.’ Therefore,... Read more »

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Top tips: writing great essays

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Like it or not, essays are part of your life at School, Sixth Form College and University. Writing a good essay is not only key to getting good marks for your homework, but essential if you are to get the exam grades that you deserve. But essays often pose a major challenge to students, largely... Read more »

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Revision Tips: How to get top grades at GCSE

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Most GCSE students would probably be surprised to learn that one of the most important techniques they need to master to score top grades is also one of the most important skills they will need to achieve success in their working lives. This skill is time management. Doing well at GCSEs ultimately depends on creating... Read more »

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Top tips: Taking a multiple choice test

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Multiple choice tests may seem like the easier option at first: you don’t need to write an inordinate amount of text, discuss or defend your points of view. Yet they can also be one of the trickiest tests to master. For one, a well drafted test depends greatly on the examiner’s ability at making clear... Read more »

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