7 Tips For the Dreaded Easter Revision Period

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It has begun. The holiday many of us love (because of the Easter chocolate), but dread (because of the looming exam period) the most. A time when, school or university, we are forced to undertake consecutive late-night, long-hour, headache-inducing, all-day exam revision. We force ourselves to stay up till midnight each night, pouring over revision notes, heavy... Read more »

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Great educational tools: Wolfram Alpha

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There are lots of great online educational resources out there, and the purpose of this blog post is to tell you about one of the very best, and certainly the one that I find most useful – Wolfram Alpha. Imagine asking your computer how many calories 10 peanut M&Ms contained or how many people a... Read more »

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Top Resources for GCSE Performing Arts

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If you are taking GCSE Performing Arts, you can find plenty of resources online to help your with your coursework and preparing your portfolio. As well as advice on how to make the most of your performance, you can also find some useful tips on pursuing a career in the creative industries, which will be... Read more »

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Top Resources for GCSE Home Economics

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If you are studying GCSE Home Economics, you can find many useful resources online to help you to understand the ideas that you cover in class or to prepare for your exams. 1. The BBC doesn’t have a Bitesize section for Home Economics, but some of the information in the Food Technology section can still... Read more »

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