Top resources for Primary School Numeracy

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Finding quality educational resources for children can be time consuming. The purpose of this blog post is to share our recommendations of great websites there to support children learning Primary School Numeracy. Why not take a look at: KS1 Bitesize Mathematics: Parents and teachers can show children how much fun numeracy can be, by playing... Read more »

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Top resources for Primary School Science

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When children start primary school it may well be the first time that they encounter science. It’s only natural that parents will be on the look out for resources that will help them support their learning at home. This blog post includes our recommended resources for Primary School Science. KS1 Bitesize – Science: This resource... Read more »

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Top resources for Primary School Literacy

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Life at Primary School can be tough for our kids. Literacy can prove challenging, which is why more and more parents are looking for Primary resources Literacy. What follows is what we think are the nine best websites out there, designed to help: KS1 Bitesize Literacy: Young learners will find learning about phonics, rhyming, spelling and... Read more »

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Top resources for Primary School Art

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  We get asked from time to time to recommend resources for students at school. This blog post lists our favourite early years resources for the subject that we all remember most fondly from our school days – Primary School Art.  We hope that you find these websites useful: Primary Art: Target at children aged 9-11,... Read more »

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Latin at primary school – bring it on

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Education Undersecretary Elizabeth Truss has just announced that all seven-year-olds in England will learn a foreign language – possibly Latin or ancient Greek. As a harassed parent who has to coax her 13-year-old son into doing his much-hated French homework, I can only cheer. It has long struck me that we go about teaching our children... Read more »

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