Self harm and the very young

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As parents we have many difficult issues to face and decisions to make about our children’s welfare. Like many other worries, one we hope we’ll never have to deal with is our child self harming. However, self harm amongst young people is on the increase. And what’s even more worrying is the age at which... Read more »

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Playing for Independence

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Parents are generally very keen to encourage their child to take up activities like a new club, a new sport, or learn an instrument perhaps, alongside their education. Many parents like their child’s diary to be full and busy with the range of activities on offer. It helps keep them occupied. It helps dilute the... Read more »

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How much do ‘Lost Words’ matter?

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Our culture changes terrifically fast. Even more so since the advent of the Internet and the smart phone which influences the way we use it. Both give us new and ready access to information, media, gaming and communicating. Along with any new cultural shift comes new language to reference it. Kids ten years ago wouldn’t... Read more »

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