Learning outside traditional schools

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Opportunities for learning outside of the traditional classroom are increasing and giving rise to various alternative approaches to education. For a start, home education (read more here) continues to grow in popularity and numbers expand daily. But for families who prefer to use a school there are other alternatives to the traditional schools we’re most familiar... Read more »

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Would you name and shame as a way of initiating change in schools?

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There are many issues about schooling and the education system which parents are concerned about. The intense focus on statistics and results, consequently the narrowing of curriculum and squeezing out of arts and sports, unhealthy relationships and bullying, and stressed out kids along with the rise in mental health issues, to name a few. Not... Read more »

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Helping our learners focus in a distracting world

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It’s a distracting world – more than ever before. It’s almost impossible not to lose focus and flitter round these digital distractions like butterflies. This creates the danger of de-skilling us from the ability to concentrate for longer periods. No wonder kids can’t focus on their learning; the distractions are very seductive. Therefore it’s necessary... Read more »

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