Top Ten: Educational Tools for Students

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A great deal of debate among EdTech enthusiasts centres around pinning down a date for when paperless classrooms become the norm, where digital devices triumph as the medium of choice for delivering education. Indeed, across the pond the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) has recommended that digital instructional materials should completely replace traditional printed... Read more »

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12 Days of Christmas: A dozen good reasons to choose Online Tutoring

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Christmas time, mistletoe and…learning Online?! Before we sign off for the season of socks and over-indulgence, check out my 12 good reasons for choosing Online Tutoring. Twelve…Drummers Drumming: Banging the drum for the younger generation, Online Tutoring makes the most of new technology to bring learning into the modern age. Face it – kids grow... Read more »

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Tutorhub has just got even better

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Some good news from the team at Tutorhub Towers. A few months back we asked students what new features they would most like to see in Tutorhub. The answer was ‘we would like to talk to our tutor and be able to share documents with them’. Simple really – maybe makes you wonder why we didn’t do... Read more »

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Turning the tables

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Last week I added a new string to my tutoring bow. I completed training in a collection of software packages aimed at helping higher education students with disabilities, mainly dyslexia, in their studies. It’s been quite an eye-opening experience as I have returned to the role of the student and have been given many handy... Read more »

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