Finally – a framework for professional regulation of private tutors?

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To the sound of cheers from industry professionals, parents and teachers the Centre for Market Reform of Education (CRME) is launching a consultation on plans for a new national association for tutors in an effort to push forward with plans to develop industry standards and improve the consistency of the private tutoring market. In recent... Read more »

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Tutorhub enters the world of Web RTC

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When we first set out to launch an online tutoring service, our expectations were very high. Why not have an online tutoring experience as good, if not better, than traditional face to face tutoring? Top of the wish-list was a user-friendly online classroom, a place that was easy to connect with and use. To date, our... Read more »

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An update on MOOCs: Strides and strife in the US as the UK ploughs on

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Here at Tutorhub, we’ve been keeping our keen eye on the embryonic educational phenomenons that are MOOCs (massive open online courses) and an article from the BBC today raised an eyebrow, with me at least. Coursera, arguably the behemoth amongst fledgeling online universities with a whopping 2.8 million registered students has just announced it will... Read more »

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