Do you expect your teachers to show up?

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With all the recent campaigning for the election I wonder how many teachers absconded from the classroom for a day or two to get involved? It would be considered shocking in this country to have teachers absent from the classroom because they were busy campaigning. Yet it seems to be quite acceptable if you teach... Read more »

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Research findings into online tutoring

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It’s a perfectly natural question to ask – is online tutoring effective, and are there academic studies to back this up? Academics continue to look at the effectiveness of online tutoring, and the latest one by Cherie Mazer entitled Best Practice in Online Tutoring says that “though the efficacy of face-to-face tutoring is supported by numerous studies, in the... Read more »

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Online tutoring is experiencing rapid market growth. Why?

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Online tutoring is something that we are becoming more familiar with in the education world. It’s been around for a number of years, but only really taken off with the growth of broadband internet and improvements in communication technology. What started off as just a good idea, has been transformed into a multi-billion-pound industry, with many thousands... Read more »

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