Top Ten Excuses: Being late for School

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Let’s face it, telling the truth when you turn up late for school is never going to wash with tetchy teachers. 90% of us are late because, well, our beds are just too warm and comfy but when you rock up wearing your blazer inside out, your tie on backwards and sporting an interesting barnet... Read more »

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What’s the point of homework?

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“Have you done your homework?” It’s amazing how many hearts – parents and children – sink at this seemingly innocuous question. In this house, we’ve been through phases where those innocent words have signalled an evening from hell. Reluctant children bent over dog-eared jotters full of stuff they don’t understand and tears, mine usually, as we... Read more »

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I Need my Marks Now, Not Next Month!

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Ever handed your papers in on time, but haven’t received marks for them in over a month? I have, and apparently alot of other university students have the same problem. This weird university phenomenon is probably the one thing that irritates me about university life. Essentially, your lecturers can get away with a lot more... Read more »

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