Uneasy religious times in schools

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It would be safe to assume that, whatever your religious beliefs, Britain has managed to keep it fairly neutral for us.  With philosophy lessons, comprehensive science lessons covering all aspects of the curriculum, freedom of expression and so on, it’s reasonable to say that whatever you believe in, you’re going to be well catered-for. After... Read more »

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Top Tips: Getting your kids to do their homework

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Whether or not homework is useful for children has proved fertile ground for debate among academics over the years. Those against it often claim that homework can detract from family life and foster an ultra-competitive academic environment, and that homework is often designated as a matter of policy, not necessarily to hone in on crucial... Read more »

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Top Tips: learning a new foreign language

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When it comes to learning a foreign language like Spanish, German or Mandarin Chinese, students are probably accustomed to hearing the same thing: “forget about traditional classes and head for the country where that language is spoken”. In other words, ‘full immersion’ in the language is best. While intense exposure to a foreign language undoubtedly... Read more »

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8 ways to make your homework easier…. and get better marks

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Whether your are in secondary school or at university, obtaining maximum results without becoming a bookworm or neglecting your social and family obligations, is key. As is the case with most successful entrepreneurs, the most successful students are those who know how to balance life and work, meeting academic challenges without spending all their waking... Read more »

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