6 tips to encourage motivated learners

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With increasing access to information and learning online, and the rise in home educated learners, children are able to take charge of their own education more than ever before. But how do we motivate them to do this, when so many are used to a more commonly spoon-fed type of learning experience, and when perhaps... Read more »

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Sugar tax or education – what will help our kids learn about sugar?

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You would think that understanding our bodies, their parts, their organs and functions is surely an important part of any education. Equally important is the understanding of what makes those bodies function well, the lifestyle and nutritional habits which support them. However these are never top curriculum priorities. Many families who educate out of school... Read more »

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Are home schoolers fined for the holidays and should any parent be?

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The idea of being fined for giving your children a valuable educational experience seems totally bizarre to many home schooling families. But it depends on how you view the experience, of course. The experience I’m talking about here is taking the children on holiday or travelling with them. Most home schooling families see this as... Read more »

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