Supporting Left handed learners

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The majority of us are right handers. And if we’ve had no direct experience of left handed children we’re probably unaware of the fact that this can sometimes present challenges for them in a right handed world. And there are challenges, as Richard Easterbrook discusses in his enlightening article written from a left hander’s perspective.... Read more »

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How much do ‘Lost Words’ matter?

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Our culture changes terrifically fast. Even more so since the advent of the Internet and the smart phone which influences the way we use it. Both give us new and ready access to information, media, gaming and communicating. Along with any new cultural shift comes new language to reference it. Kids ten years ago wouldn’t... Read more »

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Is this the start of charging for GCSEs?

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At the start of the year there was some worrying news about the music curriculum. It was reported that one secondary school had instigated a charge of £5 for children to take their music GCSE. It was moved from the curriculum of the general school day to out-of-school hours and meant the employment of specialist... Read more »

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