Options to Formal Schooling: Homeschooling

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Many parents feel that traditional schooling is simply not the right fit for their children or for their family as a whole. Whether rigid timetables, standardised curricula or social issues (such as bullying) are the cause of this dissatisfaction, parents sometimes keep their kids at school due to a lack of awareness of the myriad... Read more »

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Finally – a framework for professional regulation of private tutors?

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To the sound of cheers from industry professionals, parents and teachers the Centre for Market Reform of Education (CRME) is launching a consultation on plans for a new national association for tutors in an effort to push forward with plans to develop industry standards and improve the consistency of the private tutoring market. In recent... Read more »

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Chaos in the world of flexischooling

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Between home education and full-time school is the world of flexischooling. This seemingly sensible compromise has been ideal for some families for numerous reasons, including a child with special needs or one recovering from illness. It means, in practice, some of the child’s teaching happens at home but they come to school for the rest.... Read more »

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Latin at primary school – bring it on

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Education Undersecretary Elizabeth Truss has just announced that all seven-year-olds in England will learn a foreign language – possibly Latin or ancient Greek. As a harassed parent who has to coax her 13-year-old son into doing his much-hated French homework, I can only cheer. It has long struck me that we go about teaching our children... Read more »

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