How can children learn autonomously?

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Many parents who home school use an autonomous approach to their children’s learning. It can be quite hard to understand how this could possibly work if you’re used to school, where children have no choice in the activities set to ‘educate’ them, because there’s a common misconception that autonomously educated kids just please themselves all... Read more »

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Understanding home education and how it works

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Another increasingly popular alternative to mainstream schooling is home education or home schooling. This is when parents exercise their legal right to educate their children at home. The term ‘home’ educating tends to give an inaccurate impression because most parents include a wide variety of opportunities outside the home in their educational provision, visiting sites... Read more »

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Is schooling the best we can do?

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We tend to accept school as the only form of educational provision. It’s certainly what we’re used to. But is it really the best way to help our children develop? Over ten years home educating, and roughly the same teaching in conventional schools, has raised many doubts in my mind as to the answer to... Read more »

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Motivation – how do you get kids to do it?

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I was asked this question quite often when we home educated our children. Usually by parents struggling to get their kids to do their homework every night. Is it any wonder? When you’ve spent the whole day in school, often bored and clock-watching except on rare occasions when the lesson was really inspiring, why would you... Read more »

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How difficult is it, really?

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The fuss we make about it, the complication of league tables, testing, inspecting, examining, the administration and the processing it has become, we tend to think of education as difficult. That without schools, schemes, strategies, timetables, SATs, curriculum, teachers, hierarchies and politics of course, children won’t learn anything. Yet there are now thousands of home... Read more »

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