Autism and home education

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There have been some fascinating and informative programmes about Autism broadcast lately which are raising awareness and understanding of the difficulties associated with it. And a new little film featuring ten year old Alex explains some of the very real challenges autistic children deal with on a day to day basis with things we take... Read more »

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Changing schools to academies

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There has been much coverage in the news about the government making all schools into academies and the re-emergence of Grammar schools. Academy status means that schools as we know them now; overseen and funded by councils,  will instead have their funding go directly from the government to private bodies, independently of councils, and these... Read more »

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Help your kids understand what education is and you help their motivation

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It’s occasionally hard to motivate children to work conscientiously at their studies, motivation being a topic I talked about in a previous article. It’s also a subject that’s often raised in relation to home educating. Home educating, instead of choosing school, usually stimulates plenty of discussion about education within a family. If the children are involved... Read more »

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Starting home education with teenagers; 8 tips to make the transition easier

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There has been a sharp rise recently in the numbers of parents withdrawing their children from school to home educate. Whereas many start their home schooling journey when their children are very young, it is now the case that some are coming to it later, when their youngsters have already become teenagers. This presents slightly... Read more »

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