Applying to Graduate School in America: What to do before you apply

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So you’ve decided to apply to graduate school, and better yet — graduate schools in the US! The prospect of applying to graduate courses in America can be both exciting and daunting, particularly if this is your first time applying for graduate school altogether. Rest assured, there are thousands of overseas applicants in your position, and... Read more »

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Are Exams the Best Way to Test Students?

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In the UK and across the world, exams are the main mode of assessment for students and children. Schools in England begin to assess their pupils through exams from the age of 7 in the form of Key Stage 1 SATs. Standardised tests have become the normalised method to determine academic ability within our education system, but — are exams really the optimum... Read more »

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Sleep well, revise well

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Are you one of those people who spends more time worrying about revising than actually doing it? And, as a result, are you one of those students who ends up cramming for half the night before an exam? You are not alone. More than half of 13-14 year-olds squash all their revision for an exam... Read more »

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10 Ways to Cope With Anxiety During the Exam Period

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While providing us with a wealth of knowledge and important qualifications that’ll hopefully catapult us into the careers of our choice, the education system can also be a source of deep stress and mental anguish. Coursework deadlines, hard-to-grasp course material, stacks of reading and looming exams can contribute to anxiety, depression and other forms of... Read more »

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