A guide to re-sitting your exams

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If your results aren’t what you hoped – whether at school or university – you may face re-sitting exams. You don’t have to re-sit; your teachers or tutors can advise whether dropping a subject would allow you to focus your energies on the ones that matter. For university students, check with your examinations office for... Read more »

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How to support a friend through exam failure

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There is considerable pressure on students to achieve high grades in academic examinations. The final marks can make the difference between acceptance or rejection from further studies in that subject or from a university of choice. Unfortunately the extreme pressure can result in feelings of anxiety in the face of exam failure. Those students who... Read more »

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How to cope with failing your exams

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No matter what the reason was, it’s never easy to receive your exam results and find out you have failed. Even if you already knew you hadn’t done well, seeing the disappointing grades printed on paper is demoralising at best. However, whether you’ve failed your GCSEs, A-Levels or end of year examinations there is always... Read more »

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Should Google be allowed in the exam room?

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Imagine the scenario. You’ve spent a considerable amount of time preparing for your history exam, pouring through the set textbooks and learning about a variety of key debates. You’re extremely nervous when the day of the exam arrives. After all, your mark could make the difference between an open or closed door to your university... Read more »

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