Excellent apps and techy tools to aid exams and revision – part 1

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When exams loom heavy on the horizon students do what they can to prepare themselves for the mental strain ahead: revising, re-revising, chewing at fingernails and pulling at hair. Happily, for screenagers everywhere the abundance of digital help on offer means revision is becoming easier and more accessible than ever before. For this two-part blog... Read more »

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Top Ten: Maths apps and tools to save the blushes of parents and students

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Move over Peter Parker, there’s a new superhero in town and this one’s packing more brainpower than Krang himself. The self-styled Human Calculator (AKA Scott Flansburg) graced our screens this morning to promote World Maths Day, express his concern about the way we teach maths in this country and highlight the worrying percentage of the population who find... Read more »

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Twitter for schools – embrace the hashtag

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This month’s high school newsletter contained an item that caught my eye. The first of the 16 pages urged us to “tweet tweet”. It said: “Over the coming months, we will be piloting the benefits of using social networking site ‘Twitter’ to further improve communication with pupils and parents at the school.” Fantastic. As a... Read more »

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