6 Great Websites That Will Give Your Children New Skills

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Parents are always looking for opportunities to broaden the minds of their children by introducing them to new and stimulating ideas and skills. One particularly amazing source of knowledge, ideas and learning, where your children can pick up new skills and hone their existing strengths, is… The internet. However broad and impenetrable it may appear for its novice users, the... Read more »

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The potential use of interactive games and models in helping children to learn

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Interactive games and models are a powerful tool, which can be used for various purposes, not limited to the realms of pleasure, recreation and leisure. Active or kinaesthetic learning using interactive models and games is an immediate, engaging and effective teaching method. It is also a very practical method as it teaches transferrable skills that... Read more »

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What will e-learning look like in the future?

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E-learning is a concept which excites some and concerns others. But regardless of whether we embrace it with open arms or regard it with a sceptical eye, e-learning is already well and truly upon us and growing larger every day. From MOOCs (massive open online courses) to augmented reality technology, which places students in various... Read more »

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