Easter holidays and exam terror

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There was a time when Easter holidays meant lounging around the house and sleeping in. For thousands of teenagers, the fun ends when you start the short run-in to your GCSE and A level exams. Continuous assessment means that you will have taken a number of exams already, but no matter how much revision you... Read more »

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Introducing Distance Learning

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In my continuing quest to pour some light on the often confusing world of online learning, I want to look at distance learning courses – one of the earliest forms of academic learning set outside of the four classroom walls. Like tutoring, distance learning has made a steady progression towards being a fully fledged online service,... Read more »

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Can Online Learning combat rurality?

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After my recent musing on how VLE’s could signal the death knell for the snow day, I got to thinking about the other ways in which the internet can help overcome some of the challenges facing education. So picture the scene: you live in a small community, with a small school, on a small outcrop somewhere... Read more »

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