Essential Steps To Take for Homeschooling

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If you’ve decided that homeschooling is the best fit for you and your child, it is surprisingly easy to develop a plan of action and follow through. Homeschooling is a legal right in the UK and in fact, it is implicitly recognised in England and Wales under Section 7 of the Education Act of 1996, which... Read more »

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An update on MOOCs: Strides and strife in the US as the UK ploughs on

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Here at Tutorhub, we’ve been keeping our keen eye on the embryonic educational phenomenons that are MOOCs (massive open online courses) and an article from the BBC today raised an eyebrow, with me at least. Coursera, arguably the behemoth amongst fledgeling online universities with a whopping 2.8 million registered students has just announced it will... Read more »

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The rise and rise of private tutoring – how to keep up with the pack

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Incredible insight into the world of high-end tutoring in this week’s Times, which claims some wealthy families from overseas are offering the best-qualified British tutors up to £80,000 a year (including housing) to prepare their kids for the Common Entrance exam, as well as provide GCSEs and A-level help. Wow. In Korea, spending on after-class... Read more »

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