Top Tips: How to succeed as a mature student

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Whether you have decided to pursue your GCSEs, A Levels, Degree or vocational qualifications as a mature age student, you are probably both excited and slightly daunted by the prospect of fulfilling a dream you have been harbouring for years. Your circumstances are likely to be very different from those of the average students, fresh... Read more »

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How difficult is it, really?

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The fuss we make about it, the complication of league tables, testing, inspecting, examining, the administration and the processing it has become, we tend to think of education as difficult. That without schools, schemes, strategies, timetables, SATs, curriculum, teachers, hierarchies and politics of course, children won’t learn anything. Yet there are now thousands of home... Read more »

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Could this herald the end of school as we know it?

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With the launch of a new higher educational project, an online university Futurelearn, education is taking another new turn. The project sees UK universities beginning to offer massive open online courses which could ‘revolutionise conventional models of formal education” according to the universities minister David Willetts. (BBC news) But perhaps it will go beyond that... Read more »

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