6 Great Websites That Will Give Your Children New Skills

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Parents are always looking for opportunities to broaden the minds of their children by introducing them to new and stimulating ideas and skills. One particularly amazing source of knowledge, ideas and learning, where your children can pick up new skills and hone their existing strengths, is… The internet. However broad and impenetrable it may appear for its novice users, the... Read more »

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Study Skills: How to Reference Part I

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  For many students, one of the most difficult elements of transitioning from secondary/high school to university is learning how to reference. Unless you’ve taken the IB, chances are, you may not have been taught how to reference until you start university. This is a travesty in itself! Referencing is a fundamental skill necessary to write academic papers,... Read more »

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Ten Anthropology books you should read

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If you’re thinking about taking up anthropology at degree level, or you’re simply curious about the discipline, it can feel quite intimidating to figure out where to start reading. Anthropology is a vast subject, encompassing elements of other disciplines in its methodologies and analyses, and as a result, there are thousands of books and journals... Read more »

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7 Tips For the Dreaded Easter Revision Period

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It has begun. The holiday many of us love (because of the Easter chocolate), but dread (because of the looming exam period) the most. A time when, school or university, we are forced to undertake consecutive late-night, long-hour, headache-inducing, all-day exam revision. We force ourselves to stay up till midnight each night, pouring over revision notes, heavy... Read more »

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