Could we really scrap GCSEs?

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You may have seen reports recently in the press about scrapping GCSEs. GCSEs were designed to show a standard of education at 16, consequently an assessment of a youngster’s capability for life beyond school. But now the school leaving age is 18 are GCSEs relevant? And do they equip youngsters with what they need for... Read more »

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STEM skills and why they’re important

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The chief focus for parents when considering their children’s education tends to fall on the academic. Parents feel reassured that academic subjects can be easily measured, tested, and scored and lead to qualifications. However, some of the most essential skills children need to not only to continue to succeed with their learning but also in... Read more »

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Would you name and shame as a way of initiating change in schools?

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There are many issues about schooling and the education system which parents are concerned about. The intense focus on statistics and results, consequently the narrowing of curriculum and squeezing out of arts and sports, unhealthy relationships and bullying, and stressed out kids along with the rise in mental health issues, to name a few. Not... Read more »

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