Performing and Expressive Arts: Dramatic Falls

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Drama, dance and the wider performing arts are disappearing from the UK’s schools (except in Northern Ireland, which has hung on to drama in its curriculum). In the National Curriculum, there is no mention of drama. Numbers taking the GCSE and A Level exams have been steadily declining. In the grouping of GCSE exams ‘Performing... Read more »

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Sticking to the Law

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It’s an odd thing, but an A Level in Law is not a requirement for studying law at degree level. In students’ choice of A-levels, the subject is of low-ish rank, with 11,517 people sitting the exam in 2014. This compares with the numbers taking a core subject such as maths at nearly 89,000 entrants.... Read more »

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What is A Level Politics useful for?

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There are many reasons students take Politics at A Level besides aspiring towards a career in politics. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to have grand political ideas or even a strong idea of which political party you support to do an A Level in Political Studies. Here is a list of some of... Read more »

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Is GCSE Statistics right for you?

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Did you know it has been statistically proven that GCSE Statistics is a great subject for many students? Whether you’re a maths whizz feeling pretty confident about starting GCSE Statistics next September or you’re yet to decide whether Statistics is the right subject for you, I’m here to give you a run through of what... Read more »

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