Can I start home educating at Easter?

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This question came up on a Forum recently and parents, who’ve made the decision to home educate, often ask if there are time restrictions on de-registering their children from school to start home learning. And whether it’s best to do so at the end of school terms and years, or if this matters. With regard... Read more »

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Interest-led learning and how it works

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Many home educating families use the children’s own interests around which to build their education. If you’re used to the prescriptive curricula approach to education familiar in schools it can be quite hard to see how this could be successful. However, as home educated young people who have learnt in this way begin to graduate... Read more »

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Worry over cuts to FE colleges

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There have been several articles in the news over the last month or two reporting the cuts to funding for Colleges of Further Education. The government’s review of Further Education Colleges is causing concern among students, parents and other learners who use FE colleges instead of school. These colleges have often been frowned upon as... Read more »

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