How the budget affects the best resource a child could have

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After the recent budget we all brace ourselves for cuts. Although unimaginable figures are promised to improve services, we know there will be hidden economies which will affect us locally through diminished resources – mostly in terms of staffing. There’ll be less policemen, less staff in hospitals and surgeries, and less funding for schools to... Read more »

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Thinking about value led learning

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You would assume that parents, teachers, educators, and anyone involved with children’s development and learning would have their actions and intentions firmly based in values. However, many professionals are under pressure. And value led approaches are often sidelined in the frenetic rush to keep on top of outcomes and results at the expense of more... Read more »

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5 ideas for using praise to motivate achievement

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Motivating our youngsters to study, learn and achieve is something we all do whether we’re parents, teachers, home educators, or however we’re related to kids. And there are as diverse a range of approaches to that as there are personalities. Some people believe that motivating people, particularly to confront the things they’d less rather do,... Read more »

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