Are schools doing enough to promote good mental health?

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Recently, UK schools have started introducing Mindfulness classes, in order to ‘help teenagers’ mental fitness’. Although there is little empirical evidence to prove that exercises such as these make any difference, it is still early days. The classes are being treated as an experiment to see if these mindfulness exercises can protect young people from... Read more »

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How to cope with failing your exams

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No matter what the reason was, it’s never easy to receive your exam results and find out you have failed. Even if you already knew you hadn’t done well, seeing the disappointing grades printed on paper is demoralising at best. However, whether you’ve failed your GCSEs, A-Levels or end of year examinations there is always... Read more »

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The potential use of interactive games and models in helping children to learn

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Interactive games and models are a powerful tool, which can be used for various purposes, not limited to the realms of pleasure, recreation and leisure. Active or kinaesthetic learning using interactive models and games is an immediate, engaging and effective teaching method. It is also a very practical method as it teaches transferrable skills that... Read more »

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