Suspensions for violence in schools on the increase

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Fifty children aged five to 11 are sent home on average each day because they have assaulted an adult. That’s 11,420 suspensions for physical assault against an adult in English state-funded primary schools in the year 2013/14, according to the Department for Education, while 240 pupils received permanent exclusions for physically assaulting adults. This is... Read more »

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A guide to re-sitting your exams

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If your results aren’t what you hoped – whether at school or university – you may face re-sitting exams. You don’t have to re-sit; your teachers or tutors can advise whether dropping a subject would allow you to focus your energies on the ones that matter. For university students, check with your examinations office for... Read more »

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Apply for a Big Bang Theory scholarship

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Bizarre though it sounds, a television comedy has joined the ranks of industrial giants, educational trusts and private individuals to provide funding for university students in need. If you’re a fan of the US series, The Big Bang Theory (and I admit to being a big fan, despite my advancing years), you’ll probably have had... Read more »

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