Skype calling: exciting ways to use video chatting in the classroom

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I’d like to share with you some ideas for embracing modern technology… Parents and teachers alike may sometimes become frustrated by school children’s seeming addiction to modern technology: kids glued to their mobile phones, even in class; sons and daughters locked in their bedrooms during the evenings and weekends, endlessly chatting online to friends who… Read more »

Engaging parents in students’ learning

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Studies consistently show that parental involvement in children’s education has a significant positive impact on their educational achievement, both in early years and on into adolescence and adulthood. Most children have two main sets of educators in their lives – their parents and their teachers. Parental education dominates during early years and gradually becomes less… Read more »

The potential use of interactive games and models in helping children to learn

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Interactive games and models are a powerful tool, which can be used for various purposes, not limited to the realms of pleasure, recreation and leisure. Active or kinaesthetic learning using interactive models and games is an immediate, engaging and effective teaching method. It is also a very practical method as it teaches transferrable skills that… Read more »