Should schools be relying on volunteers?

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There has been some rather alarming news recently about increases in the number of volunteers being taken on in schools, some being used for key roles that would normally be filled by a paid professional. Many schools, especially smaller schools with extremely tight budgets, have always relied on the contribution made by volunteers, usually parents,... Read more »

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Young people’s strikes for climate change

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There have been some recent demonstrations by young people, pupils and students, who are taking radical action to make their feelings about climate change and the politics surrounding it, known to the wider public. In particular, the lack of priority the government – and educational policies – give to this vital issue. They are drawing... Read more »

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Off rolling – a worrying practice

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Home education has been in the news again. Unfortunately this only seems to happen when there are sensationalist and negative headlines to go with it. Unfortunate because home educating is a successful approach that thousands of families choose for their children and it’s unhelpful to see inaccurate and biased reporting. Such was the case recently... Read more »

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