How one family used both school and home education for their children’s learning

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It’s always interesting to hear how parents take very different approaches to their children’s education and learning, especially when both school and home education occur within the same family. I spoke to one parent recently who told me how this worked for them. This is what she told me: “My children are all very different... Read more »

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Lego’s research into play based learning

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It may be a company with commercial interests but can Lego change the way we approach early education in this country? There was a very interesting piece in the press lately about the concerns the Lego Foundation have over the neglect of play-based learning. They are funding a research project to investigate its effect. Play... Read more »

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Can I start home educating at Easter?

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This question came up on a Forum recently and parents, who’ve made the decision to home educate, often ask if there are time restrictions on de-registering their children from school to start home learning. And whether it’s best to do so at the end of school terms and years, or if this matters. With regard... Read more »

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Sticking to the Law

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It’s an odd thing, but an A Level in Law is not a requirement for studying law at degree level. In students’ choice of A-levels, the subject is of low-ish rank, with 11,517 people sitting the exam in 2014. This compares with the numbers taking a core subject such as maths at nearly 89,000 entrants.... Read more »

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